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Species By The Thousands Abundance Spell Kit

Species By The Thousands

Use this Abundance Spell to attract luck and prosperity. 

Spray the money spray in a place where you would like to attract wealth. Sprinkle the chamomile around the candle, light the candle and place the pyrite in your left hand while visualizing yourself receiving all you would like to acquire.

The Kit Contains
— White Magic Money Spray (1oz / 59ml)
— Pouch of Chamomile
— Green Chime Candle with Ceramic Candle Holder
— Pyrite Crystal

    White Magic Money Spray Ingredients
    — distilled water
    — grain alcohol
    — vetiver essential oil
    — patchouli essential oil
    — ginger essential oil

    Additional details
    — Handmade in Brooklyn, NY 
    — Makes a great gift!

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